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Our new way of doing Gingerbread house’s .. using pop tarts! πŸ˜€

Do you & your families make these every year ? I usually like to do them every year with the kids. I usually get the boxed packaged one from Target or Walmart every year, and to be honest the pieces are so heavy that you have to use so much icing just to get it to stick! You have to be so patient and hold it together year I remember just throwing it away, lol!

This year I wanted to do something a bit different and this video popped up on my Facebook page and it was from this blog; and it looked very easy and very cute. I also thought maybe it would be cheaper .. I don’t know about anyone else, but we don’t keep our gingerbread houses we end up throwing them away. The boxed ones are usually between $8-$15 plus so I wanted to see if I could spend less and end up with a cute affordable gingerbread house. I was going to go to the .99 cent store but wasn’t close to one so I went to the dollar tree instead. I found the pop tarts, candies (mini candy canes too), a cute little tree gummy, and a Santa gummy. I spent a total of $4 ! The icing I ended up making myself , below I will let you know how to do thatπŸ˜‰ ( so easy!)

In the blog above she explained what the pro’s are to using pop tarts instead of graham crackers. I bought the strawberry ones and noticed that it did give it more a of textured look because they are frosted so I thought that was cool.


  • 6 pop tarts
  • Variety of candies
  • Icing (you can do Store bought also ) – So if your making your own.. just mix powdered sugar and hot water, that is it! Just mix until you get a thick consistency.


  • When your cutting the pop tart be careful, you don’t need to press down so hard
  • Hold the pieces about 2 minutes or so together to make sure the icing hardens and it doesn’t fall apart
  • The roof is usually the hardest, so don’t press so hard be gentle and I would hold the two roof pieces together for about 3-4 minutes to make sure it is secure. The left side of our roof came down and we had to do the icing again .. it didn’t get too messed up so it worked out.
  • Have fun with your kids , its all about making memories!

My youngest son didn’t think this would work better than the boxed houses, he changed his mind quick! This took far less time and we didnt have to use tons and tons of icing. He ended up loving it and thought it was super cute.

I added a snow filter just for fun !

My son had an idea he added some left over blue icing we had to give the house the “icicle look”. I told him to just have fun with it.

We added our tree and Santa gummies to the front of the house and I really loved how it came out. I recommend trying this with your kids and families, maybe do a contest ! For spending only $4 for the supplies this was an awesome little craft for the Christmas season. πŸŽ„βœ¨

Comment or share below if you will try this or if you have any other tips.


Hi everyone :) My name is Vicky I am a mom of two boys ( Aj & Gabe). I love God, being a mom, iced coffee, beauty, & fashion !

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